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Inside the phrases of Lifeless or Alive “You spin me proper ’spherical, baby, proper ’spherical. Although On this case It is not like a doc, however Instead like a digital acquired herera. You see, this digital acquired herera Is Sort of particular. It is the Seitz Roundshot 360 Panoramic digital acquired herera And tright here is nofactor pretty Choose it.

The Seitz Roundshot is a an odd and eccentric digital acquired herera, that comes from A spot That is extra Properly-acknowledged for its lack of eccentricity, Switzerland. A place acknowledged for being very smart and for very Prime extreme quality engineering. And wright hereas this digital acquired herera Might be not all that smart to some, it is definitely well engineepurple. Seitz manufacture some pretty unimaginable digital acquired hereras in the land of cheese and chocolate and That is Amongst The numerousm.

These digital acquired hereras have been handmade to order by Seitz Phototechnik AG. You can’t stroll Right into a showroom and stroll out with one, So that you exhaustingly ever seen them out tright here. But fortunately we managed to get our grasping little mitts on Certainly one Of these distinctive digital acquired hereras. So, we decided that testing it out for The general public good was important. That and this digital acquired herera simply appears like A complete lot of nice to play with.

What’s it?

The Roundshot is a medium format digital acquired herera that shoots each 120 and 220 film #120not120mm which is alstudyy fascinating enough, However it makes use of a lens from a 35mm digital acquired herera. The thoughts boggles. Initially the digital acquired herera acquired here with a selection of Nikon, Leica R and Contax mounts, the caveat being That you merely Want to use a 28mm lens. In any other case You will Have The power tonot seize The complete 90 diploma vertical angle requipurple. The optimum lens for this digital acquired herera is the one hooked up to this particular physique. This one makes use of the Nikon 28mm Laptop Pc Nikkor lens, which has tilt shift capability, making for some very fascinating end outcomes. When you get the primarytain of it (extra on that later).

This Is definitely A exact panoramic digital acquired herera As a Outcome of it has no fixed facet ratio, You will Have The power to shoot from 45˚ to 360˚ After which further. Many ‘panoramic’ digital acquired hereras use a swinging lens system, For event the Widelux or Noblex digital acquired hereras, By which the lens swings in the digital acquired herera physique. With the Seitz, the digital acquired herera itself truly rotates, exposing the film by way of a slit in the physique to create true Panoramic pictures. The physique is mounted on A rechargeable lithium battery pack That is supposedly good for 100 rolls And will be shot handheld if requipurple. And since of lens and film format You are getting 90˚ of vertical cowlage, utterly cowling the physique and making for some very fascinating pictures.


Functionally the digital acquired herera itself Is definitely Quite straightforward To make the most of. The primary panel is managed by simply 4 howevertons (Taking A look at you Konica Aiborg), with An affect change, a mode chooseor and up and down howevertons. That is all You should navigate The simple menu. You can set the shutter velocity, from Five hundpurpleth of a second, Right down to eight seconds. For sluggisher shutter velocitys Tright here is a change Contained in the lens mount which Have to be moved to to the left for sluggish velocitys and to The biggest for the faster velocitys above 1/Sixtieth. Slower velocitys can imply rotation may take As a lot as 300 seconds, which implys You Have to exactly plan your lighting state of affairs.

Beneath this You will Have The power To choose the diploma of rotation, from 45˚ proper by way of to 999˚, which effectively clears the roll. I exactly feel this one might be exactly fascinating to experiment with, particularly with some 220 film. Oh did I level out it takes 220 film As well as to 120?

Beneath is the film counter, telling you What quantity of exposures You’ve based mostly on the diploma of shot chooseed. Tright here May even be a self timer, A film measurement chooseor and a wind To finish carry out. And that is it. Easy pstraightforward.
Navigating the menu Is simple with The one drawback being Do You’d like to push the howeverton too many events And want to cycle by way of the menu as quickly as extra.

Tright here is a purple chooseor change on The power pack. This locks the digital acquired herera in place when not Getting used, So as that you don’t by probcapability wind your film. When this is unlocked You will Have The power to then power up the digital acquired herera and get started.

Swiss Quality

Like most Swiss precision devices, this digital acquired herera is superbly made. It has a deceptively straightforward enchancment and is Produced from The biggest supplies. The digital acquired herera exactly feels incpurpleibly strong and Is definitely pretty heavy, weighing in at simply over 2kgs with the lens. You can exactly exactly feel The regular of the engineering, everyfactor has been hewn from what exactly Seems like a strong chunk of metallic. It is a satisfying expertise and exactly feels depfinishable.

Loading the film is one other nice expertise, and pretty straightforward, After You’ve study the instructions. Which Is strictly what I didn’t do correctly as I used to be too excited and accomplished up with a fat roll on my first spin….Properly carried out!

Using the digital acquired herera

Setting the digital acquired herera up Is Amongst The numerous extra time consuming facets of using this machine. Making sure that everyfactor is diploma and using the viewdiscoverer to Arrange your shot takes time and endurance. And but the shot itself barely takes any time In any respect. Blink And also you miss it. It is akin to spfinishing hours making a scrumptious meal After which sprucing All of it off in 10 minutes.

But using the digital acquired herera Isn’t all plain crusing. You have To discover a hiding spot Do You’d like to don’t Have to be in the physique, which might show troublesome in some state of affairss. It has a distant launch cable, which is hair set off delicate as I Came across. So You will Have The power To merely waste physiques. You Even have To make sure thOn the film has been wound on correctly On The top of the roll So that you don’t get fat rolled like me.

You furtherly Want To primarytain in thoughts thOn the digital acquired herera does have picture overlap between physiques in distinction to extra conventional digital acquired hereras. This isn’t A drawback As prolonged as You Know it and put together for it.
The guide furtherly Means that you make the diploma of swing a bit greater than You are planning on for the picture. It is Since the motor Continues to be a motor and Must velocity up and decelerate, Which suggests thOn The start and finish of pictures Could Even be uncovered incorrectly. This will be seen in the overlaps, so You Have to rearrange for it. But Aside from that using the digital acquired herera is A lot of nice and a rewarding expertise.

Tright here are Another limitations as you would anticipate with a digital acquired herera like this. You can’t exactly shoot the lens broad open As a Outcome of it Will not cowl the picture circle Do You’d like to do. So the lens Desires to be stopped down to A minimal of f11, which Could be pretty restrictive. But with the sluggish shutter velocitys You’d like to be In a place to nonetheless get good end outcomes.

Final ideas

We had this digital acquired herera Solely for A pair of days however I truly fell for it, it’s exhausting To not. Sure, it Is pricey and capturing this a lot film is crippling, however Furtherextra it is A very nice photographic expertise that opens up all types of prospects.I exactly feel very fortunate To have The power to have entry to a digital acquired herera like this and The mannequin new proprietor Goes to be very joyful.

Now we simply have To Search out out The biggest Method to make prints from these negs…

In case you missed it, we made a video about using the digital acquired herera as well, Which You will be Succesful of see right here.

Looking for an unusual or particular digital acquired herera? Then Take A look at what We now have on the digital acquired hereras On the market Website. In any other case You will have The power to request for us to discover you one factor particular right here.




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