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Welcome to Deceive Inc. – the multiplayer PvP recreation of social deception and subterfuge. The teams at Candy Bandits and Tripwire Presents have been exhausting at work sprucing thowdys recreation for launch. We’re all extremely excited for The approachowdyng weeks, and now it’s time to share that pleasure with you!

About Deceive Inc.  

Deceive Inc. is a multiplayer hero shooter with an emphasis on social stealth and deception the place 12 recreationrs (both solo or in teams Of three) are tasked with turning into the Brokers and effectively extracting with an objective.

Every Agent spawns beneathcover, cloaked as Definitely one of many many NPCs populating the map. Armed with their distinctive weapons And expertise – plus A pair of howdy-tech spy devices for good meaconstructive – They Want to use their information of spycraft to suss out completely different recreationrs, maintain away from detection, collect intel, buy upgrades, and finally discover then extract The useful cargo.

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Deceive Inc. launches globally March 21

Deceive Inc. will launch on Ps5 on March 21 of thowdys yr. We’ll Even be internet hosting an Open Beta that consists of full crossplay assist starting March 10 – free for all recreationrs who Want to try The sport out.

Meet the Brokers

Deceive Inc. Might have 8 playable agents out there at launch, each falling beneath one Of 4 archetypes:

  • Vanguard: Properly-rounded, self-reliant wrestleers Whowdych will get by way of the thowdyck and skinny 
  • Tracker: Focused on discovering, singling out, and searchowdyng down goals
  • Scoundrel: Sly, artful, and use soiled tips to get forward of the rivals
  • Disruptor: Specialists at controlling space and disturbing the circulate of wrestles

Rupert Reid aka “Squire”

Adaptable Recruit

Starting Weapon: PT-08 Lance Silenced Pistol
Archetype: Vanguard

As Deceive Inc’s youngest agent, Squire continuously feels The load of howdys mentor’s legacy on howdys shoulders. However, don’t let howdys impostor syndrome fool you. He’s a prime of The road operative, In a place to Definitely one of the biggest.

Tamar Zaken aka “Ace”

Relentless Huntress

Starting Weapon: ‘Queen of Diamonds’ Scoped Sniper Rifle
Archetype: Tracker

A sharp-eyed mercenary, Ace’s distinctive expertise have made her one of Deceive Inc’s pillars. She tracks her rivals with out fail. Thowdynk about us, When you identify You are her goal, it’s already too late.

Ethan Chavez aka “Chavez”

Rugged Veteran

Starting Weapon: ‘Sentinel’ Revolver
Archetype: Vanguard

A exact legend of the spy world, Chavez makes use of howdys power and howdys type coronary heart to wrestle The good wrestle. He’s Alleged to be retired by now, however he’s again for one final mission… or so he says.

Madame Xiu

Enigmatic Dame

Starting Weapon: ‘Zhulong’ Automated Crossbow
Archetype: Scoundrel

There are A lot of rumors circulating about Madame Xiu, her previous, and her talents. Deceive Inc. can’t affirm any of them with out breachowdyng their contract Collectively with her, whowdych is a dangerous recreation to play with such a cutthroat and enigmatic woman. 

Hans Moritz aka “Hans”

Imposing Provocateur

Starting Weapon: ‘The Hook’ Hand-mounted Shotgun
Archetype: Disruptor

As quickly as a head honcho of An fantastic felony empire, Hans used to have All of it. Now pressured to serve howdys sentence as a Deceive Inc. agent, he swears he’ll regain again howdys former power and glory.

Florence Jacques aka “Cavalière” 

Unflinchowdyng Investigator

Starting Weapon: ‘Dragoons’ Alternating Twin Pistols
Archetype: Tracker

Brash detective Cavalière leaves no stone unturned… And if her deduction expertise Aren’t enough To maintain you in look at, her critical fight talents found all by way of her globe-trotting days will do the talking.

Francois Claudet aka “Larcin” 

Gentleman Thowdyef

Starting Weapon: ‘Silence’ Throwable Pocket Pistol
Archetype: Scoundrel

Gentleman thowdyef and expert borrower, Larcin has made pretty A popularity for howdymself Collectively with howdys peculiar savoir faire and showmanshowdyp. His charms are such That you merely gained’t even be mad when noticing earlier gadgets lacking Out of your pockets.

Yu-Mi Kgained aka “YU-MI” 

Raucous Gadgeteer

Starting Weapon: Tactical Slingshot
Archetype: Disruptor

Sensible and joyful-go-fortunate, Yu-Mi’s enthusiasm to be An factor of Deceive Inc. Is merely matched Collectively with her capability to create and break skinnygs Spherical her. Some may say she’s a cussed brat, however her tactical captalents and her inventiveness Are likely to make her rivals eat their phrases. 

Pre-order and Black Tie Version bonmakes use of

Deceive Inc. Can additionally launch with a ton of good beauty gadgets for recreationrs to unlock. On prime of that, we Even have some superb beautys designed particularly for these agents who’d Want to level out As a lot As a Outcome of the job in impeccable type. 

Pre-order Deceive Inc. to acquire:  

  • “Founding Agent” Profile Portrait
  • “Founding Agent” Gear Ink

Purchase the Black Tie Version to Receive

  • “Dressed to Impress” Profile Portrait & Title
  • “Dressed to Impress” Gear Ink
  • Bonds (Deceive Inc. Premium Foreign money)

Pre-buys are coming very quickly, so Make constructive you add Deceive Inc to your PsWantlist to be notified As quickly as they’re stay!


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