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You get Bond Fragments by interacting with Almost all Of firefacet Emblem Work together’s facet content material, Similar to talking Collectively with your models, fishing, teaching, and growing your Donation Diploma.

You will Have The power to then use these Bond Fragments, alongfacet ending fullly different actions, Similar to sprucing your Emblem Rings, To enhance your Emblem Bond Diploma.

You’ll Want to unlock every Emblem Ring in Hearth Emblem Work together first To revenue from All of the Bond Fragments You will collect.

There are seven strategies to get Bond Fragments in Hearth Emblem Work together. Each method provides you a various quantity of Bond Fragments, with some being restricted to A particular quantity every exact-life day.

Right here is every method You will get Bond Fragments in Hearth Emblem Work together:

  • Converse to your models after every battle – Unlocks 50 to 100 Fragments per unit depending on how properly they did Inside the battle.
    • You mechanically get every Bond Fragment gained from battle Do you have to depart the battle earlier than talking to your models. However, You will miss out on the dialogue exchanges.
  • Have your models finish their Activate areas with golden sparkles all by way of battle – Unlocks 50 Fragments.
  • Increase your Donation Diploma Unlocks 500 To three,000 Fragments depending In your level.

Converseing to models (left) & growing Donation Diploma (proper)

  • Take part Inside the Wyvern Driving minigame – Unlocks a most of 200 Fragments a day.
  • Fish – Unlocks a most of 300 Fragments a day.
  • Practice Inside the Somniel  Unlocks a most of 200 Fragments a day.

Wyvern Driving (left), Practiceing (center), Fishing (proper)

  • Work together with Sommie On the Somniel Unlocks 200 Fragments a day.
  • Work together with gold sparkles Throughout the Somniel – Unlocks 50 Fragments per sparkle.
  • Unlock achievements – Unlocks A particular quantity depending on the achievement.

Completing achievements (left) & interacting with Sommie (proper)

The biggest Method to Increase Bond Levels in Hearth Emblem Work together

There are a quantity of strategies To enhance your Emblem’s Bond Diploma in Hearth Emblem Work together, together with stopping Collectively with your Emblems and sprucing your Emblem Rings.

Right here is every Method To enhance Bond Levels in Hearth Emblem Work together:

  • Using your Emblem Rings in battles.
  • Polishing your Emblem Rings outfacet of fight.
  • Converseing to your Emblems.
  • Practiceing Inside The world Collectively with your Emblems.

By growing your Emblem’s Bond Levels, You’d possibly lastly be In a place to deal with the extra sturdy Skirmishes in Hearth Emblem Work together and unlock unimaginable rewards.

Using your Emblem Ring in fight is The easiest Technique of accelerating an Emblem’s Bond Diploma. Equip the Ring to A celebration member, After which actively use them Inside the battle to wrestle enemies.

You will Have The power To shine your Emblem Rings by going to the Ring Chamber Inside the Somniel and interacting with every Ring. It doesn’t give An unrestricted increase to your Emblem’s Boost Diploma, However it’s greater than nothing.

Sometimes, you can enhance your Bond Diploma by 1 with an Emblem with a yellow speech bubble by their identify by merely having a dialog with them.

Yow will uncover Emblems wandering Throughout the Somniel or entry them by opening The primary menu and choosing the Bond selection.

Definitely one of The solely strategies To enhance your Bond Diploma is by teaching Inside the Somniel Area Collectively with your Emblems. However, this prices Bond Fragments, with The worth growing depending on The picture’s current Bond Diploma.

It prices The subsequent quantity of Bond Fragments Each time You should train Collectively with your Emblems:

  • Bond Levels 2 – 5 – 100 Bond Fragments
  • Bond Levels 6 – 10 – 300 Bond Fragments
  • Bond Levels 11 – 20 – 500 Bond Fragments

What Are Bond Fragments Used For in Hearth Emblem Work together?

Bond Fragments are used to create Bond Rings and Engrave Emblem weapons for An monumental stat increase to that Emblem.

Maybe Most confacetrably, however, They’re used to entry the Practiceing Area Inside the Somniel, the place you can train with an Emblem and confacetrably enhance your Bond Diploma with them.

In exactity, discovering extra Bond Fragments and using them To reinforce your Emblems will Permit you to get SP in Hearth Emblem Work together shortly and unlock some exactly overpowered talents.

The biggest Method To Obtain Max Emblem Bond Diploma in Hearth Emblem Work together

To get an Emblem to its most Bond Diploma, it should first revery level 10. When you’ve carried out that, You’d like To finish that Emblem’s Paralogue Mission when it turns into out there.

To full the Paralogue Mission, You have to wInside their mock battle, after which their stats will enhance, and their most Bond Diploma will enhance To twenty.

It is worth studying at what level every Paralogue Mission turns into out there in Hearth Emblem Work together So as that you merely understand exactly Everytime you can max out an Emblem’s Bond Diploma.


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