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Have you ever ever questioned what The combes are for on The facets of escalators?

Properly, Do You’d like to’ve ever used them To wash your footwear, You have been using them incorrect.


Everytime you can have been using the bristles on the facet of escalators To wash your footwear, That is not what they’re forCredit rating: tiktok/@unto_ldfacts


They’re truly to cease people getting too Shut to The sting, subsequently reducing The prospect of accidentsCredit rating: Getty

Based mostly on a video shared on the Untold Particulars TikTok Website, The combes Are actually An important safety function.

“The brushes on the facet of escalators aren’t for sprucing your footwear,” the video started.

“You’d possibly have been using these escalator brushes To wash your footwear.

“However, these bristles Are actually An monumental safety function.

“Definitely one of many largest causes for escalator mishaps is people getting their garments and luggage caught Inside them As quickly as they stand too Shut to The facets.”

So the bristles Make constructive you “maintain your ft away from escalator’s skirt panels”, and assist forestall any accidents.

And the suggestions part was shortly Full of remarks from Individuals who admitted they’d both been involved in an accident themselves, or witnessed one.

“I acquired my flooring size gown caught in an escalator and it left oil/grease stains on it that i might by no means take away,” one wrote.

“Solely recently my hubby assisted A woman who acquired her skirt caught on the escalator,” one other added.

As A third commented: “Escalators scare the s**t out of me to Right now.

“My youngsters snicker at me as a Outcome of i take The steps to Right now!”

Whereas others admitted they On A daily basis use The combes To wash their footwear.

“Everyone clears his footwear on The combes,” one wrote.

“Yep I’ve carried out the shoe factor with them brushes!!!” one other added.

As A third commented: “Lol…I nonetheless use The comb Inside the escalator Even when my footwear are clear.

“It is so satisfying!”


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