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A Chinese language lion dance is carried out in Chinatown all by way of Spring Pageant celebrations in London.

A journey with a semantic stumper: Is it “Chinese language New Yr” or “Lunar New Yr?”

Each time Spring Pageant rolls round in China, The converse is renewed, and this year Is not any exception.

It reached a peak on January 12 when the British Museum launched a Korean music group in a Twitter submit that said, “Be a part of us in celebrating Korean Lunar New Yr with magical performances.”

The submit was subsequently deleted after it triggered indignant feedagain from netizens who argued that it Ought to be “Chinese language New Yr.”

However even that time period is controversial as a Outcome of the Lunar New Yr Isn’t solely celebrated by Chinese language people, However in addition by people on the Korean Peninsula and numerous nations in Southeast Asia. In Vietnam, The journey acknowledged regionally as Tet, is celebrating the Yr of the Cat in 2023 pretty than extra widespread Yr of Rabbit.

This complete debate made me marvel how a lot overseasers exactly Discover out about Chinese language New Yr And the method They current it some thought.

So I requested a quantity of of my overseas pals. None of them said They’re Aware of the linguistic debate. All of them shrugged off The drawback.

“I simply say ‘Joyful New Yr!’ to all my Asian pals, Regardless of In the event that they’re from China or South Korea,” said Kanna A., a Japanese good friend of mine who has lived in Shanghai for 5 years.

Lily Zhang, a translator, informed me that when she translated the time period into “Lunar New Yr,” her polisher from Luxembourg found it pretty bizarre.

“She believed that ‘Chinese language New Yr’ is the extra widespread time period,” Zhang said. “In her social circle, It is intuitive to say ‘Chinese language New Yr’ pretty than ‘Lunar New Yr.'”

Katharine Photo voltaic, a good friend who has been dwelling in America for 14 years, said that about half Of usa residents she is Aware of will want her “Joyful Chinese language New Yr,” wright hereas The completely different half will say “Joyful Lunar New Yr.” Most of them acknowledge that the day is a festival that originated in China, she added.

“The recognition of The journey Might be The outcomes Of greater cultural communications,” Photo voltaic said. “Prior to now, not Many people right here knew why Chinese language people celebrated A mannequin new year Much extra ceremoniously than January 1, but I really feel they now understand the distinction between the lunar and solar calendars.”

However even that understanding is riddled with inaccuracy. Techninamey, the date of the Chinese language New Yr Isn’t based mostly solely on the lunar calendar.

Shi Wei, deputy secretary widespread of Shanghai Astronomical Society, informed native media that what the Chinese language commsolely name nongli, or “Chinese language calendar,” exactly means “the agricultural calendar” and Is definitely a “luni-solar” calendar based mostly on exact astronomical observations of the longitude of the sun and the phases of the moon.

The lunar calendar is calculated Based on phases of the moon excluding the Earth’s revolution. A lunar year has 354 or 355 days, So as that “Lunar New Yr” Will not truly fall in both late winter or early spring, but in completely different seasons.

Properly, to be reliable, It Is not anyt the fault of overseasers that They do not know The excellence Because you understand what? I Did not Know it both. And none of my household or pals is Aware of it. All of us thought that nongli refers solely to the lunar calendar. Even some dictionaries state that.

Youdao, A pair of of The favored on-line multilingual dictionaries in China, says that “农历(nongli)” Refers again to the “lunar calendar,” and the entry is quoted from “The mannequin new Chinese language-English Dictionary,” first revealed in 2003.


Hundreds of peoples participated Inside the “Chinese language Lunar New Yr Parade” in Flushing Of latest York.

The extra you delve, the extra complicated All of it turns into. Wright here does that depart us?

Mightbe We should almethods simply Go together with what’s Hottest. If “Lunar New Yr” Is definitely not an right time period to outline the day, Everyone is Aware of what it means As quickly as we Check with “Chinese language New Yr.”

Bickering about semantics on-line exactly Does not get us anywright here. Cultural communications Isn’t A drawback of worthwhile or dropping; It is a matter of understanding and respect.

Spring Pageant Is extensively acknowledged Throughout the globe this year with rabbit lanterns and dragon and lion dances that appeal to each Chinese language and non-Chinese language. We Ought to be proud to see that an event so important in our tradition has acquired such widespread recognition.

If one exactly wants an English time period for journey, look no further than “Spring Pageant.”

The time period is deeply rooted in our historic tradition And in addition goes past nationwide boundaries. It marks The start of a year and recurrents new hope. It is A lovely time period, Is not it?

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